Blockchain at Stokes Property Consultants

Introducing clicktopurchase® and the clicktopurchase® Blockchain at Stokes Property, part of the SV International Network – an unparalled solution offering an immutable and fully transparent audit trail throughout the real estate buying and selling process. 

Experience an unprecedented level of corporate governance and trust, catering to the needs of both buyers and sellers like never before, setting new standards in the industry.

Discover the cutting-edge power of clicktopurchase® as it harnesses the potency of hash and encryption technology to construct a robust transactional audit trail.  Witness this trail’s secure storage within the clicktopurchase® Blockchain, ensuring absolute proof of all actions taken in an impenetrable, tamper-proof manner.  Rest assured that every event is recorded, preserving the highest level of integrity and transparency.

This is Blockchain!

Blockchain serves as a revolutionary form of database—a unique, immutable, and tamper-proof structure. The immutability is achieved through a process of “hashing,” where data inputs are converted into coded representations of fixed length, rendering them seemingly meaningless. However, even the slightest alteration to any input will entirely change the resulting hash. These hashed data inputs are then organized into “Blocks,” with each new Block encompassing the data from the previous one, forming a continuous “Block-Chain.”

The brilliance of this design lies in its interdependence, where each Block relies on the information from the previous Block, effectively making tampering utterly impossible. Any modification to the chain will lead to a complete transformation of all subsequent outputs.

Notably, the decentralised nature of blockchain comes into play, as the ledger is duplicated across numerous servers. This decentralisation, when combined with the “Chain of Blocks,” results in an infallible method of securely holding data—a system that is both tamper-proof and 100% reliable.

Ultimate in Trust

With the powerful implementation of Blockchain technology in clicktopurchase®, the integrity of the audit trail remains beyond any doubt. Every aspect of the process, from a Bidder’s application for verification to the details and conditions of an offer, along with the terms of a finalized contract, is permanently recorded and secured.

See here and example of a sale recorded in blockchain...

…and here is the Memorandum of Agreement with the matching hashed digital signatures.

In the event of any attempt to alter the terms of the offer and acceptance within the clicktopurchase® system, the hashed signatures, serving as representations of all transactional input data, would undergo changes, no longer aligning with the existing records within the immutable Blockchain ledger.

By design, this ensures that the clicktopurchase® Blockchain offers irrefutable evidence of the entire audit trail and all transactions. Any discrepancy in the hashed signatures serves as a clear indication of tampering, providing absolute proof of the transparency and integrity maintained within the system.

Manipulation is not possible.

Digital Wallets

By embracing clicktopurchase®, participants gain access to Digital Wallets, empowering them with a comprehensive log of all interactions and transactions. This invaluable feature not only ensures a detailed record of your engagements but also grants you the ability to effortlessly present indisputable evidence of your entire audit trail.

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Harnessing the finest marketing expertise from Stokes Property and the SV International Network, along with the synergy of clicktopurchase® and Blockchain technology brings forth an unparalleled: