How We Sell​

A unique and market-leading approach to deliver the best in class promotion of properties, reach, online execution and audit trails.​

Since its inception, the SV International property marketing platform has earned widespread acclaim, hailed by both buyers and sellers as industry pioneers, consistently delivering an unmatched property marketing service for real estate investments’ disposition.

At Stokes Property, we are delighted to offer our clients the unique and modern approach which is only available to members of the network.

Unparalled Quality of Presentations

We empower a buyer to make an informed investment decision with speed and ease.​

Our marketing website is fully mobile responsive, enabling property investors to engage at any time.

Our World Reach

Our marketing campaigns for your properties are viewed internationally.

Our marketing database continues to grow as viewers register continually, internationally.

Plus, international collaboration between network members delivers an enhanced marketing reach.

Speed to Market

Presentations are created in-house which enables fast and efficient marketing launches.

Our Modern Marketing Approach

We utilise the great strengths of social media to assist in expanding our marketing reach.

Our success is demonstrated by the number of video views  having passed 400,000.

On Screen Engagement

Enhances data collection and engagement with investors.

Client Dashboard

As we handle the sale of your property, you will have the privilege of accessing real-time activity reports, providing you with an accurate view of the interest generated through our marketing efforts. Stay informed and up-to-date with the progress as we work diligently to achieve the best results for your property.

Instantly access market reactions with a single click, giving you real-time knowledge about how your property is perceived in the market while selling.

We use the clicktopurchase® unique digital property execution platform, only available to the SV International Network.  This enables property uniquely to be legally purchased online.

Proven to achieve:

Experience unparalleled trust for both buyers and sellers with our distinctive approach. The clicktopurchase® Blockchain ensures an immutable and fully transparent audit trail throughout the marketing and selling process of real estate. We are pleased to be part of the lead in embracing Blockchain technology as an integral part of the sales process, making us world-first in this pioneering endeavor.

We provide you with a level of corporate governance and trust unavailable elsewhere.

Track Record

The SV International Network has a long and impressive track record validates our approach.

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