Facilitate seamless and legally binding property transactions online with:

An exceptional transactional platform that enables purchasers, owners, and agents to complete the entire property sale process online seamlessly.

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How It Works

As an Owner

Instruct your Agent

Your agent will liaise with your solicitor to prepare the legal package.

Consider Binding Offers

Offers submitted are legally binding.

Accept Offer

A legal exchange of contracts occurs online instantly.

Once you instruct your agent to accept an offer online, both you and your solicitor will promptly receive the digitally signed contract.

As a Purchaser

Register Online

Review the legal package with your solicitor.

Pass Verification

Clear identity and financial checks.

Make an Offer

Show true commitment with a legal offer.

Purchase easily and quickly. When your offer is accepted, you and your solicitor will receive the digitally signed contract.

As an Agent

Prepare for Sale

Liaise with your client and their solicitor to provide a legal package at launch.

Procure Offers

Interact with purchasers and obtain binding offers.

Accept Offer

Once your client authorises, accept the offer with a click.

Upon receiving instructions from your client to accept a clicktopurchase offer, a legal exchange of contracts is instantly executed.

Execution Technology​

To deliver an exceptional service to our clients, we rely on clicktopurchase®—a cutting-edge agent-operated transactional platform tailored for seamless property transactions online. This platform empowers us to conduct legally binding clicktopurchase® exchanges of contracts (Digitally Signed) electronically, seamlessly integrating them into the sales process. For added convenience, clicktopurchase® allows us to conclude transactions with online binding “best offers” if we so choose.

Rest assured, clicktopurchase® boasts top-tier online security, employing digital encryption to create tamper-proof electronic documentation, ensuring the utmost protection and integrity throughout the entire process.

The Proven Advantages of the clicktopurchase® Process


When a purchaser submits a clicktopurchase® offer, it represents a fully legally binding commitment. If the offer is accepted, it triggers an immediate contract execution, facilitating quick and effortless sales conclusion.


With clicktopurchase®, all uncertainties linked to an “agreed” transaction are eliminated. When a purchaser submits an offer, it signifies a genuine commitment. Upon the owner’s acceptance of the offer, the transaction is instantly and legally executed, leaving no room for ambiguity or delay.


Our comprehensive database meticulously records every action, including registration, verification, offers, and acceptances. Additionally, we secure the audit trail within an immutable blockchain, leaving no room for alterations or discrepancies. Prompt email notifications are sent to relevant parties as actions unfold, and comprehensive reports can be effortlessly generated to keep you informed every step of the way.


Transparency is the cornerstone of our system, guaranteeing unwavering accountability. Every piece of information and every action taken throughout the transaction are diligently recorded and made accessible to all parties involved. This mutually transparent approach ensures that all parties are held accountable, fostering an environment of trust and confidence in the process.

When the contract is signed, it is sealed in the clicktopurchase® blockchain as part of the full audit trail.

The Methods of Sale

Properties are sold by the following methods of sale:

Private Treaty

A clicktopurchase® offer is a legally binding commitment by a purchaser which, if accepted, results in an instant online exchange of contracts.

Binding “Best Offers””

If selected, a sale can be concluded by an online binding “Best Offers”.

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